Piano Teacher's Cat Always Insists On Being The Center Of Attention

Jasper has no shame 😂

Recently, Heather Parry decided to take up the piano, an instrument that takes plenty of time and dedication to perfect.

So she signed up for music lessons — but soon ran into an adorable little impediment to her progress.

His name is Jasper.

Jasper is the cherished pet of Parry’s new piano teacher, Laura Elliott. Parry is a big fan of cats, so the fact that a kitty was there to greet her when she arrived for the first lesson was a big plus.

“I was in love pretty much immediately,” Parry told The Dodo.

Parry could never have guessed, however, that Jasper would do more than hang out in the background. Turns out, Jasper absolutely adores attention — and is willing do whatever it takes to get it.

Here's video of Jasper in action:

The tinkling of piano keys are like a siren song — luring Jasper in to interrupt his owner's lessons.

"Today he was outside in the front garden but plopped in through the highest window when he heard me playing," Parry said.

But Parry's not the only student to be distracted by the sweet cat.

Jasper no doubt gets plenty of pets from students before and after their lessons, but they appear to have become so accustomed to his interruptions during class that they're able to continue on despite them.

Nevertheless, for the attention-seeking cat, it's still worth a try.

Though he may slow lessons down at times, simply having Jasper around makes the whole experience that much better.

"This is a huge bonus," Parry said, "and means I can now never give up piano lessons."