Mischievous Cat Gets Stuck Inside Hole She Chewed In The Couch

“I didn't think it was big enough for her to get in, but she never ceases to amaze me."

When Garlic Bread was about 11 weeks old, she somehow found her way to Danni McLain’s apartment door and wouldn’t stop meowing until someone let her in. It didn’t take long for McLain to decide to keep her, and Garlic Bread became the newest member of her family. 

From the beginning, Garlic Bread has always been incredibly mischievous, and she loves finding new places and things to get into whenever she can. 

“She is such a brat and will do things to spite you but then with the same breath she will climb into your lap and purr with her ferocious purr,” McLain told The Dodo. “You can’t even be mad at her.” 

cat stuck in couch
Danni McLain

One day, McLain went to take the couch cushion covers off to clean them when she noticed a 3-inch long hole in one of the cushions. She immediately knew Garlic Bread was the culprit but didn’t see her anywhere, so all she could do was shake her head and continue going about her chores. 

Some time passed and McLain hadn’t seen Garlic Bread in a while, but she could hear her somewhere — and eventually, she discovered exactly where the mischievous cat had ended up. 

“I could hear her meowing but I just thought she was at the door hunting flies so I kept doing laundry,” McLain said. “It wasn't until I went to dress the cushions again that I noticed her.” 

There, peeking out through the hole in the couch, was Garlic Bread, who had somehow gotten herself inside the couch after climbing through the hole she made. 

“I didn't think it was big enough for her to get in, but she never ceases to amaze me,” McLain said. 

Danni McLain

McLain couldn’t believe that Garlic Bread was actually inside the couch, and when she tried to encourage her to come out, she quickly realized that she was stuck and was going to need a little help escaping.

“I actually had to use kitchen scissors to cut her out,” McLain said. “You know, for proper couch birthing.”

Of course, even once she was able to, Garlic Bread was a bit reluctant to leave her newfound hiding place. It seemed she’d had a blast playing around inside the couch and was very proud of herself for figuring out how to get in there in the first place.

“She has this special chirp that she makes when talking to you so she was definitely pleased with herself and was going to fight me on getting out,” McLain said.

Eventually, though, Garlic Bread got out of the couch, and now her mom has to figure out a way to prevent her from getting in there again — until she finds a new adventure somewhere else she’s not supposed to be!