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Cat Falls In Love With Spray Bottle She's Supposed To Hate

It's her favorite thing in the world.

Ever since Poppy was a kitten, she’s been absolutely obsessed with water. She’ll stop at nothing to try and get to it so she can drink and play with it all day long, and while her family didn’t quite understand her obsession at first, they’ve just accepted it as a part of who she is. 

“When we first got her as a kitten, I was worried she had some sort of kidney problem but the vet checked her out and said that she was healthy, just weird,” Lacy Findley, Poppy’s mom, told The Dodo. 

cat spray bottle
Lacy Findley

Poppy is now 10 years old, and her love of water has never faded. Besides her constant search for water, Poppy also loves cuddling with her mom, watching bird documentaries and, of course, scratching on the wooden coffee table. 

“She just loves to get a good stretch out, especially on something wooden,” Findley said. “I keep a lot of different scratching items for her but it’s never as appealing as the coffee table. I frequently catch her scratching the table while making eye contact with me.” 

cat spray bottle
Lacy Findley

Findley brainstormed ways to keep Poppy from scratching at the coffee table, and decided to try using a spray bottle. She figured even though it was water, Poppy would still be annoyed getting sprayed with it the way most cats are and would stop scratching at the coffee table as a result — but even in spray bottle form, Poppy couldn’t resist the water, and immediately fell in love with the spray bottle she was supposed to hate. 

“I thought a spray bottle would help teach her to not scratch furniture,” Findley wrote in a post on Facebook. “Now she scratches wooden furniture when she’s thirsty.” 

Clearly, spraying Poppy is not an effective way to get her to stop scratching the furniture, so Findley has mostly given up on that technique — but she still lets Poppy play with the spray bottle from time to time. 

“I try not to spray with her because I don’t want to encourage it … but she loves it so much that I do it from time to time,” Findley said.