Cat Narrowly Escapes From Woman Trying To Kidnap Him

"He can be feisty. He's pretty strong."

Pet owners in the Lincoln, Nebraska, area had good reason to be on high alert this week.

There was a would-be cat-napper on the loose.

Samuel Forest Evertson

On Wednesday evening, Samuel Forest Evertson let his 8-year-old cat, Mo, onto the porch for some fresh air. Mo is mainly an indoor cat, but Evertson has always felt comfortable indulging Mo's desire to be outside when he can keep tabs on him. But on this day, the unthinkable happened.

Evertson, who was just steps away inside, received an alert on his phone that his security camera had picked up activity on his porch. Upon reviewing the footage, he realized what had just happened.

A stranger had tried to kidnap his cat and carry him to an awaiting getaway car — but thankfully, Mo was able to escape just in time.

Evertson credits Mo's quick thinking for allowing him to avoid being taken, though the experience has left the cat understandably shaken.

"He can be feisty. He's pretty strong," Evertson said. "He is fine but definitely more timid [now]. He doesn't like being held."

Samuel Forest Evertson

Fortunately, the would-be cat-napper won't be stealing any one else's cats anytime soon.

Evertson reported the incident to police, and asked people to keep an eye out for the woman captured in his video. On Friday, the Lincoln Police Department announced that a 17-year-old female had been identified as the perpetrator. She was referred to the county attorney for attempted larceny and trespassing.

As for Mo?

He and Evertson are now resting easy.