Cat Tries To Climb On Top Of Microwave And Gets Very Stuck

“She seems to find the hardest way to do things."

Skittles has always been a mischievous cat, and to her, every day should be an adventure. She loves finding new things to climb and places to hide throughout her house, and her mom struggles to keep up with her adventures. 

“She is always into things and if you hear a crash in the house, you can instantly assume it's her finding trouble to get in,” Jamie Vos, Skittles’ mom, told The Dodo. 

cat climbs microwave
Jamie Vos

Skittles is basically a little acrobat, and hasn’t met an area of the house she couldn’t try to climb. She absolutely loves climbing all over the kitchen counters and jumping onto her humans’ shoulders from up high, and recently she discovered that the microwave was another fun obstacle course to try and tackle. 

Wanting a new challenge, Skittles tried to jump on top of the microwave … 

… and ended up just a little stuck. 

She dangled from the microwave for a while, swinging herself around and trying to figure out how to get on top — before she finally slipped and fell back down onto the counter, a little embarrassed that she hadn’t been able to figure it out. 

“She seems to find the hardest way to do things and then finds herself stuck,” Vos said. 

cat climbs microwave
Jamie Vos

Of course, Skittles will most definitely try to climb the microwave again — as well as every other seemingly climbable thing in the house. That’s just how she rolls.

“She brought down everything in my bathroom shelves trying to climb those and failing also,” Vos said.

You can follow Skittles and all of her adventures on her Facebook page