Woman Catches Neighborhood Cat Stealing Package Off Her Porch

"My indoor kitty watched from the window in horror."

Package theft is a growing problem in neighborhoods across America. Oftentimes, those pilfering "porch pirates" never get busted — but such was not the case during one recent robbery in Florida.

This time, the furry crook was actually caught in the act.

Kristin Beck

This week, Kristin Beck had just pulled up in front of her St. Petersburg home when she spotted a crime in progress outside.

Beck was awaiting the delivery of two banana-shaped catnip toys she'd ordered online for her own two felines — but a local black-and-white kitty had evidently found them first, and decided they belonged to him.

Kristin Beck

"Out of the corner of my eye I could see the package being ripped at by the cat," Beck told The Dodo. "The culprit was on my front porch with one of the bananas already out of the package, and he was going to town on the Amazon bag. I was the victim of an attempted cat burglar."

Beck began taking a video on her phone for proof (and because it was pretty funny).

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Realizing that he'd been caught red-handed, the thieving kitty sauntered away — showing little if any remorse for his bad behavior.

Kristin Beck

Both catnip banana toys were safe, but things could have ended up much differently had Beck not arrived when she did.

Kristin Beck

As if the attempted robbery wasn't bad enough on its own, it came tinged with some added trauma.

"My indoor kitty watched from the window in horror," Beck said.

In fact, both of Beck's cats, named Napa and Vino, are believed to have witnessed the whole thing go down — helpless to prevent the black-and-white cat from trying to make off with their stuff.

Kristin Beck

Despite having seen the banana catnip toys briefly under the control of an outsider cat, Napa and Vino weren't too bothered in the end.

They accepted the gifts, seeming to put the ordeal behind them.

Kristin Beck
Kristin Beck

The black-and-white cat's actions were brazen to say the least, but Beck doesn't hold it against him. He's a familiar character in the neighborhood, and has never caused anyone trouble before.

"There are no hard feelings against the little cat burglar," Beck said. "It's the holidays and I'm glad he got to enjoy some treats, if only for a little while. Not to mention I have not laughed that hard in a really long time."