Cat Borrows Owner's Phone And Surprises Her With Selfies

"I open the gallery on my cell and find this ... "

Being a young house cat, Sinatra might be new to this whole "modern technology" thing — smartphones, digital cameras, social media and the like. But despite his inexperience, the ambitious feline has managed to take the internet by storm.

And on his first try, no less.


Sinatra lives in Argentina with his owner, Mariana. As an avid Twitter user, she's likely no stranger to what's trending online. Little could she have guessed, however, that it would soon be her cat.

Recently, after setting her phone down on her desk for a while, Mariana returned to discover that Sinatra had taken the opportunity to investigate the device himself — leaving his owner a few surprises in the process.

"I open the gallery on my cell and find this," Mariana wrote. "HE MADE SELFIES."


Sure, the framing of the photos could use some work. But for a cat who's presumably never snapped a selfie before, Sinatra did a pretty darn good job.

And the internet clearly agrees.

Mariana decided to post her cat's selfies on Twitter, where they've garnered more than 100,000 likes and retweets.

Not bad for a first timer.

Apparently, Sinatra has still found plenty of time for naps amidst his meteoric rise to internet stardom. Mariana, meanwhile, is struggling to keep up with the fact that she's now living with a celebrity.

"He's already asking for caviar instead of Purina," she writes.