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This Rescue Cat Looks Like He Has Two Noses And He's Perfect

“He has so much love in his tiny little body. He sings to us in the morning when we wake up."

Doby was taken in by The Cat House on the Kings sanctuary in California when he was just a kitten. No one is sure where he came from or how he ended up on his own, but before long it became clear that Doby was a little different from the other cats. He suffered from cerebellar hypoplasia (CH), which makes him a little wobbly, as well as a cleft nose — which makes him look like he has two noses

Despite his differences, Doby didn’t seem to have any idea that he was different from any other cat at the sanctuary. He became particularly close with a blind cat while he was there, but when she got adopted without him, he suddenly became very anxious and reserved. When a member of Friends for Life Rescue Network (FFLR), Jacqueline Santiago, went to the sanctuary to take some cats into the rescue, she noticed little Doby and decided to take him, too. 

As soon as Doby arrived in the care of FFLR, Santiago made a post about him on Instagram — and that’s how his new family found out about him and fell in love. 

“I had stayed in touch to send her photos of my two polydactyl bobtail sisters that were adopted through [the ]rescue about a year before,” Jeanne, Doby’s new mom, told The Dodo. “I saw his little bat face and that was it. We didn’t know a lot about him at first, so we did our research on cerebellar hypoplasia and cleft palates to make sure our home was safe and accessible for him.” 

Since Doby was small for his age and had some special needs, he had to be fostered for a few months before he could be adopted, but once he was finally declared healthy, his new parents welcomed him into their home with open arms. His foster family did a great job of helping him come out of his shell, and by the time he came to his forever family, he had grown into a spunky, playful little cat. 

“His foster mom is the absolute best and we are so thankful that she took a scared and anxious little kitten and taught him to love and trust people,” Jeanne said. 

Doby adjusted to his new home right away, and his new parents fell even more in love with him. He’s a very curious cat and will chew pretty much anything he comes across, just to check if it’s tasty or not. He loves to follow his parents around the house, and needs to be around a member of his family at all times. 

“Doby is a happy, chirpy sweetheart,” Jeanne said. “He has so much love in his tiny little body. He sings to us in the morning when we wake up and chatters at us all the way to the food bowl. The bowl is always full, but he likes for one of us to stand with him while he eats.” 

While Doby still suffers from CH, he has a very mild case — it just makes him a bit unsteady as he bounces around the house. His most unique feature is definitely his cute cleft nose — and his parents wouldn’t have him any other way. 

“We joke that Doby has a double snoot, so there is more snoot to boop,” Jeanne said. “His cleft nose means that he gets winded really easily while he is playing. He huffs and puffs while he goes after feather toys, but otherwise breathes normally. He can still eat without too much difficulty, but he is really messy.”

Doby’s parents also have to keep an eye on his health to make sure he doesn’t catch any upper respiratory infections, as they will affect him much faster and more severely because of his nose. 

Other than that, besides wobbling a little and being an incredibly messy eater, Doby is just like any other cat. He loves playing with his two cat sisters, and he seems to have absolutely no clue that he looks any different from them. He’s just a little cat enjoying life, and his parents are so happy that he’s theirs.

You can follow Doby and all of his adventures on his Instagram account