This Cat Blends In Completely With This Pile Of Leaves

She's so perfectly fall-colored 🍁🍃🍂

Avery Shrader was raking leaves in her yard when she had a fun idea. She made a big pile in her garden and let her cat Lion out to explore it. “She loved it!” Shrader told The Dodo. “She took a really nice nap.” 

Shrader snapped a photo of Lion rolling in the leaves and went back to raking. But when she looked at the picture later that day, she couldn’t find her cat in the photo — and neither could anyone else.

“Most people I showed couldn’t find her since she blends right in,” Shrader said. “Even my dog couldn't sniff her out when they were playing in the leaves together!”

Can you find her?

Cat hidden in a pile of leaves
Avery Shrader

Lion knows exactly how to use her camouflage ability to her advantage. But the sneaky cat does not like being ignored: “Lion’s favorite hobby is ... laying on the stairs so she can bite you when you step on her,” Shrader said.

Turns out, Lion was in the center of the pile the whole time:

Tortoiseshell cat hidden in leaf pile
Avery Shrader

Still can't find her?

Don’t worry, your eyes aren’t deceiving you — she is in there.

Lion the cat strolls through the leaves
Avery Shrader

Lion is a tortoiseshell cat, so her fur is a mix of black, orange and red, with a little splash of white. Her mottled coat perfectly resembles the colors of the autumn leaves — allowing Lion to practically disappear in the photo.

But when Lion is home, she won't let anyone forget she's there. "Her favorite person is me," Shrader said. "She also likes hissing at my other pets for fun."