Man Has The Best Reaction After Strange Cat Gives Birth Under His Bed

"I am so ready to be a dad right now."

It’s fair to say that Paris Zarcilla wasn’t expecting to be thrust into the role of cat dad when he started off his day on Wednesday — but it’s a duty he’s embracing with a happy and eager heart.

Zarcilla, a UK-based filmmaker, detailed on Twitter the unlikely scenario he found himself in this morning while stepping into his room to grab a sweater. There, nestled under his bed, was a cat who does not belong to him. And, as if that weren't enough of a surprise, she had apparently just given birth to a litter of four kittens. His room was now a feline nursery.

Here's how Zarcilla announced the discovery.

Now, a less compassionate person might have evicted the little family on the spot. But not Zarcilla.

Instead, he was filled with a sense of parental responsibility.

And just like that, Zarcilla's priorities changed.

"Am I a dad now?" he asked himself.

Zarcilla said that he's not sure where the cat came from, but speculates that the proud new mom might be a neighbor's cat. She could have snuck in through the back door, which he sometimes leaves open. Why she chose his room to give birth in, however, is anyone's guess.

"I am genuinely baffled," Zarcilla wrote.

That mystery aside, Zarcilla quickly fell in love.

In the series of tweets that followed, Zarcilla's heart continued to swell. He'd found his calling.

"I am living for these babies. Any work commitments I have are now temporarily on hold," he wrote. "Sorry, I'm a dad now."

Zarcilla then added this message, affirming his commitment to his furry new family:

Just in case the mother cat has a family who's missing her, Zarcilla said he plans to take her to the vet to check for a microchip. But if none can be found, he seems more than eager to give her and her kittens a home with him.

"I am so ready to be a dad right now," he wrote.

Zarcilla later added: "I think I'm living the best day of my life."

You can keep up with Zarcilla's adventures as a new cat dad by following him on Twitter. Or, to follow his lead by caring for needy kittens, here's everything you need to know about becoming a foster parent.

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