Cat Asking For Treats Couldn't Possibly Make Himself Any Clearer

That glare 😹

This cute, fluffy cat named Blake may not be able to talk, but he's still found a way to make himself perfectly clear — so don't play dumb.

He wants treats, and he wants them now.


Blake's owner, TikTok user @paige.evanss, recently shared a video of her cat's unique way of making requests. Rather than use flattery to get what he wants, Blake takes on a much more straightforward approach.

He gets his owner's attention, then points to where the treats are kept.

Here's a clip of Blake in action:

Not only does Blake know how to express his desire for treats, he seems to know that his message is coming through loud and clear. When his owner doesn't react accordingly, he glares.

And this apparently isn't a one-time thing:

Though neither clip shows Blake actually receiving one of those tasty treats, we can only hope his owner does follow through.

A cat as clever as Blake deserves nothing less.