Castaway Kitten Rescued After Boaters Hear Her Cries For Help

"At first it was nearly invisible, but then I could see this black spot moving in the distance."

Natalia Nikitina and her family were out enjoying a day of sailing and swimming in the Black Sea earlier this month when they were called upon to save a life. While passing along a remote stretch of coastline, miles from civilization, they heard tiny cries emanating from the rocky shore beyond.

No one knew what it was at first, but the sounds were coming from a lonely little castaway who was very, very happy to see them.


"The sound gradually intensified," Nikitina told The Dodo. "At first it was nearly invisible, but then I could see this black spot moving in the distance. It was a kitten. She jumped over the stony bank, following our voices. She jumped from stone to stone, and crossed the snags."

The water near the shore was too shallow and rocky to bring the boat close, but Nikitina said the kitten found her own way to them: "While we thought about what to do, she jumped into the water and swam."

Two of Nikitina's relatives then jumped in after her, as seen in this video of the dramatic rescue.

The kitten was exhausted and hungry, but very lucky to be alive — and in such good hands.

Natalia Nikitina

The family stayed awhile at that spot in case another kitten could be seen or heard on shore, but the little creature in their boat had apparently been alone. Once back on dry land, she was given a fish to dine on, likely her first meal in days.

Natalia Nikitina

It's unclear exactly how she had become stranded there, but Nikitina suspects that she'd been abandoned by someone, since she knew to follow human voices. What is certain, however, is that she wouldn't have survived much longer if the family hadn't come along when they did.

"The kitten had no other choice. These are very deserted places," Nikitina said. "We just happened to be there."

Not only did the family rescue the kitten from her ordeal, they soon decided to save her for a lifetime.

Natalia Nikitina

The kitten, now named Aurora, has been adopted by Nikitina's mother. Despite all she's been through, Aurora is described as being a very happy, active and affectionate kitty. Still, she does seem to be somewhat traumatized by the isolation she experienced, but her new family is helping her cope

"At home she always wants to be close to people," Nikitina said. "She's afraid to be alone."

Natalia Nikitina

Aurora is no doubt grateful that the family came along to save her, and to give her a second chance. But for Nikitina and her relatives, Aurora's presence in their lives is equally as valuable:

"We received a priceless gift!"

Natalia Nikitina