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Boy Finds Tiny Puppy Alone And Shivering Outside His House

He knew exactly what to do 💗

In late December, 17-year-old Tyri Allen was walking home from school in Los Angeles when he saw a furry brown shape beneath a parked truck. He dropped to the ground to have a closer look — and found the tiniest speck of a puppy hiding in the shadows.

The puppy only weighed about 2 pounds — and every inch of his little body was shivering and shaking.

Boy holding rescued puppy in his arms
Hand in Paw

Allen searched around for the puppy’s family, but didn’t find a mom or siblings. The puppy was all alone — and Allen knew he couldn’t leave him behind.

“He went under the truck and picked him up,” Piper Thomas, founder of Hand in Paw, a California rescue group, told The Dodo. “The puppy was just kind of frozen and shaking, so it wasn’t hard to grab him.”

Person holding puppy up in one hand
Hand in Paw

Thankfully, Allen’s family didn’t mind when he brought the stray puppy into their home, and they all worked together to care for him.

“He wasn’t even eating solid food yet — they were syringe-feeding him wet food,” Thomas said. "They took him to the vet and got him dewormed, and when he was old enough, he got his first set of shots.”

Tiny puppy sitting on cement ground
Hand in Paw

The puppy, now named Bruno, quickly warmed up to Allen and his family, blossoming into a joyful, playful dog.

“Tyri did a very good job taking care of him,” Thomas said. “He went from a very scared puppy to a very confident one very quickly.”

Puppy lying across person's lap
Hand in Paw

As much as Allen loved taking care of Bruno, he and his family knew they couldn’t keep him. They already had two dogs, and they didn’t think they could give Bruno the attention he deserved. So they reached out to Thomas.

Puppy lying on cushion on couch
Hand in Paw

“His dad happens to work with my husband, so he knows what I do, and contacted me and asked me to take him so we could find him a good home,” Thomas said.

Thomas agreed, and brought Bruno home with her until she could find him a home. Bruno immediately bonded with Thomas’ husky, Luna.

“Bruno is hilarious,” Thomas said. “He’s like four pounds now, and my husky is about 50 pounds, and they play so hard. He crawls on top of her, and he’s biting her all over and she’s so gentle with him. But he’s very confident, and he’s great with all size dogs. He’s got a huge personality, but he's very sweet — and he loves, loves to play. He loves to run around, and he's just a troublemaker.”

Tiny puppy cuddled up with husky dog
Bruno cuddled up with Thomas' dog, Luna | Hand in Paw

Bruno is about 10 weeks old, which is old enough for him to get adopted.

“He’s going to an adoption event on Saturday, and I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of people wanting him,” Thomas said.

Puppy lying on carpet inside house
Hand in Paw

Bruno’s good fortune is all thanks to Allen. But it’s not just Allen who changed Bruno’s life — Bruno also changed Allen’s.

“His dad said that Tyri wants to start rescuing all the dogs,” Thomas said. “He definitely realized that there’s a big problem, and that he could do more to help ... so I told him he could join my team anytime.”

To rescue more puppies and dogs like Bruno, you can make a donation to Hand in Paw.
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