Dog With Extra-Long Snoot Is A Master Pickpocket

“She has literally made a name for herself at the park” 😂

With a nose like Tupelo’s, it’s hard to blend in. But somehow, the borzoi has managed to use her extra-long snout to her advantage and get exactly what she wants.

Tupelo loves treats and squeaky toys, but she is not a fan of performing tricks to get them. The sneaky pup has instead figured out how to get all the snacks she wants with little work at all — by turning to a life of crime.

Tupelo the borzoi with a very long nose

First, Tupelo identifies her target. “When she was a puppy, I kept treats in my jacket pocket for training on our walks, as lots of owners do, and she was keenly aware of where they were,” Allison Cannarsa, Tupelo’s mom, told The Dodo. “As she got older and taller, I stopped bringing treats out with us, but she knew damn well that other owners in the dog park, especially if they had a puppy, were probably packing the goods with them.”

Dog pickpockets treats from people at park

Tupelo, who goes to the dog park nearly every day, quickly developed a routine for meeting new people. “She’ll flirt a bit and then start gesturing and investigating their pocket area with her very long snoot,” Cannarsa said. “Unfortunately, she’s the perfect height to have her snoot exactly at pocket-level for most people! This almost always works out for her.”

Once Tupelo stealthily secures her treat, she will forever remember the target as a “treat-carrier” and will steal from them time and again. “She’ll never let up and believes they forever owe her treats,” Cannarsa said.

You can watch Tupelo in action here:

And when it comes to toys, Tupelo is just as determined to get what she wants.

“Tupe has gotten bold enough that she’ll stick her snoot right into the pocket and steal a ball, sometimes without even being detected," Cannarsa said. "If a dog owner is wearing a backpack and kneels down to play with a smaller dog, Tupe doesn’t miss a beat trying to break into the bag on their back, much to my embarrassment.”

The pup has even gotten a bit of a reputation around the park — but she's so cute she always gets away with her crimes. "She has literally made a name for herself at the park for her masterful pickpocketing of treats and balls," Cannarsa wrote on Instagram.


Regardless of what she does, Tupelo's parents love her bold personality and wouldn't change it for the world.

"She cracks us up all the time," Cannarsa said. "Borzoi are known for being elegant and refined, [but] Tupe is an absolute goof and we wouldn’t want it any other way."

To learn more about Tupelo's adventures, you can follow her and her family on Instagram.