Dog Flips Out During Call With Owner She Hasn't Seen In 9 Months

"She's the love of my life."

Oriany De Oliveira is from Venezuela, but for the past nine months she's been living abroad for work. Moving out of the country came with an unfortunate caveat, however — it's meant that she's been apart from her cherished pup, Layla, who's back home with her family.

"She's the love of my life," Oliveira told The Dodo. "It has been difficult to be without her, my companion and best friend. I miss her so much."

And as you'll soon see, it's clear that Layla misses Oliveira dearly, too.

Oriany De Oliveira

Over the months she's been away, Oliveira, who is now residing in Argentina, has kept in close touch with her mom over the phone — but letting Layla know she's all right obviously hasn't been as easy.

But recently, Oliveira's mom decided to try something new. She figured out how to have a video chat with her daughter's image projected onto a television screen.

Upon seeing Oliveira once again, live and in living color, Layla flipped out. It was an emotional moment for Oliveira, too.

This wasn't the ideal reunion between two best friends, of course, but it was remarkably touching for them both nonetheless.

"It felt incredible," Oliveira said. "It felt good thats she recognized me, but I also got a little sad because I could see how much she was missing me."

The distance between them, and the time spent apart, has done little to break Layla and Oliveira's beautiful bond.

Oriany De Oliveira

With any luck, Oliveira will soon be in the financial position to fly home to visit in person, and afford a comfortable life for them to share together once again. In the meantime, she takes comfort in knowing that her pup is cared for and loved, and still holding her in her heart.

"My relationship with her has been spectacular and incredible," Oliveira said. "But of course, she's very happy with my mother."