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Dog Siblings Love Holding Each Other's Paws

They do it every single day.

Trudi and Cody are two dogs who share an unusual habit — they love holding each other’s paws. And they do it every single day.

“They really love each other,” the dogs’ owner, Thomas, who asked that his last name remain private, told The Dodo. “They wait for each other to go outside, and they wait for each other to go inside. One won’t eat without the other. They’re just attached.”

Dogs holding each other's paws
Thomas K

The paw holding began when Cody, a golden retriever, was just a puppy. “Once he [Cody] got out of the stage where he wanted to play with her [Trudi] all of the time, he calmed down and things started,” Thomas said.

Not only did Cody start grabbing for Trudi’s paws, he also began lying on top of her. Trudi, a 6-year-old Bernese mountain dog, happily accepted his affection.

Golden retriever snuggling with Bernese mountain dog
Thomas K

“The Bernese lays down, and the golden retriever goes on top of her,” Thomas said. “The Bernese is like the most laid-back dog on the planet, and she doesn’t care about anything.”

Dogs holding paws
Thomas K

Now a day doesn’t go by when Cody and Trudi don’t snuggle and hold each other’s paws. Thomas has gotten so used to it, he hardly takes photos anymore, he explained.

“They do it every day,” Thomas said. “They can do it for a full hour … until someone moves or they hear the refrigerator door open.”

Dogs holding paws
Thomas K

Thomas explained that Trudi also tries holding his own hand, especially at inconvenient times. “She wants to hold my hand with her paw the whole time whenever I drive — no matter if it’s two hours or whatever,” Thomas said. “They’ve always been touchy-feely with their paws.”

Dog touching each other's paws
Thomas K

Thomas can’t imagine Cody and Trudi will ever stop holding paws, and he enjoys seeing how close and loving the dogs are — not only to each other, but to him as well.

Dog snuggled up together
Thomas K

“If I pet them for 18 hours a day, they would lay there and be pet for 18 hours a day," Thomas said. "They’re very loyal and they’re good dogs.”

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