'Blind' Cat Has The Most Beautiful Eyes When He Finally Opens Them

One woman spent weeks trying to help him — and she received the best reward ❤️

When Carmen Morales first met Cotton, she couldn’t believe how sick he was.

Found on the streets of Florida as a stray, the little white cat was hungry and in so much pain. He had come down with mange, and it had spread throughout his entire body — including his eyes.

cat rescue cotton
Carmen Morales

“He couldn’t even see or open his eyes bc the mites were so bad,” Morales, founder of Animal Friends Project, told The Dodo. “It must have been so scary for him out there not being able to see. He was all alone and so skinny because he couldn’t find food.”

Morales, who has fostered dozens of sick rescue cats over the years, created a quarantine ward for the cat in her bathroom, where she started feeding him regular meals and treating him with an arsenal of antibiotics. Cotton was so itchy and uncomfortable — but after a few days of treatment, he finally started to feel some relief.

cat rescue cotton mange florida blind
Carmen Morales

“We could just see his tense body start to relax as the days passed,” Morales said. “He was finally able to rest without scratching so much.”

Although Cotton couldn’t see, he instantly trusted Morales. He was so patient while Morales worked to apply ointment and coconut oil to his irritated skin every day, and looked forward to seeing her for pets and meals. Cotton’s condition kept getting better. Then, after a few weeks of constant care, something amazing happened.

cat rescue cotton florida
Carmen Morales

Cotton opened his eyes — and he could see.

Not only were Cotton’s eyes healed, but they were also stunning. One eye was bright blue, while the other was hazel.

As the months passed, Cotton finally overcame his health issues and looked like an entirely different cat.

cat rescue florida cotton
Carmen Morales

Morales was shocked — and by the looks of it, Cotton was too. He had a newfound energy to finally see the world around him after being unable to see for so long. No one knows how long he went without his sight, but it was likely many months.

“We thought he was blind, and that he would be blind forever,” Morales said. “The vet thought that even when his eyes recovered they might be damaged, but they weren’t. It was such a wonderful surprise. His eyes were just beautiful.”

cat rescue cotton florida
Cotton after fully recovering from mange | Carmen Morales

After three full months in recovery, 6-year-old Cotton was like a new cat — and he had formed a special bond with Morales. Everywhere she went, he followed, and she was the only one who could pet him longer than a few seconds. Around other people, he acted nervous and timid — but with Morales by his side, he slowly became comfortable and confident.

cat rescue cotton blind florida
Cotton meeting a foster kitten | Carmen Morales

“If I go into another room, he waits outside the door talking,” Morales said. “He sleeps with me, he stays by my side all of the time … Him and I have a wonderful relationship. He’s a good communicator and loves meowing at me.”

After everything Cotton had endured, he’s living such a pampered life now — and above all, Morales is so thankful she found him when she did.

It’s clear little Cotton feels the same way.

cat rescue cotton florida
Carmen Morales

“We got so many applications for him due to his looks, but in the end I saw how attached to me he had become,” Morales said. “I didn’t have the heart to put him through another big change. He had already been through so much.”

Cotton was so happy to become a permanent member of the family, and now spends his days relaxing, playing and following his mom around everywhere she goes.

cat mange infected
Cotton getting pet | Carmen Morales

“He is so beautiful and just the perfect companion for our family,” Morales said. “Cats like Cotton depend on people to heal, because they cannot always ask for help ... I’m sure so many people passed him by because of how sick he looked, but he was just waiting for someone to give him a chance.”

To help more cats like Cotton, you can make a donation to Animal Friends Project.