Dog Who's Blind And Deaf FLIPS OUT When She Senses Her Dad Is Getting Home

"This is my favorite part of the day."

Unable to see or hear, this adorable pup named Opal might experience the world a little differently than most dogs — but that doesn't stop her heart from shining all the same.

Opal, an 8-month-old merle-coated dog, was adopted by Christina Bray and her husband, who found her through a rescue group in Idaho that works to rehome special needs dogs. As a result of improper breeding, Opal was born both blind and deaf.

That no doubt comes with certain challenges, but the dog's loving spirit is what matters most.

Recently, Opal's parents shared a video capturing that loving spirit firsthand. Though lacking sight and hearing, Opal still manages to sense what has become the best part of her day — the moment her dad gets home. And sure enough, she's bursting with joy to greet him.

"She waits in the front yard and waits to either feel or smell his car," Bray wrote online. "[I don't know] how she can tell the difference, because neighbor cars pull up and she doesn’t care. She then smells him and goes crazy. It’s very sweet!"

Opal's remaining senses, perhaps, are heightened due to those she lacks — but her heart is clearly elated by the people she loves most ...

... and it's fair to say the feeling is mutual.

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