Big Goofy Dog Fails Agility Course In The Most Adorable Fashion

What's not to love 😍

Remember Kratu?

Last year, the big, furry goofball pup stole everyone’s heart with his performance during a televised agility course run for rescue dogs — but not exactly for his gracefulness or athleticism.


Rather than tackle the course like other, more skillful dogs might, Kratu took it on his own way, much to the delight of the crowd.

Here’s footage of that memorable moment:

After that, Kratu had plenty of time to study up on where things went wrong — to hone his agility skills for this year's run.


Lesson learned? Well, you'll see.

Earlier this month, Kratu got another chance on the course with his adoring owner, Tessa Eagle Swan.

And for folks who enjoyed Kratu's marching-to-his-own-drum stylings last time around, he certainly did not disappoint:

Kratu did it again — and his owner couldn't be happy with how things turned out.

"I love his interpretation [of how the course should be run]," Swan told The Dodo. "I have a different one, but being happy and having fun is the one thing we share during the course."


Though Kratu obviously has an uncontainable zest for life now, things weren't always so good for him. Swan adopted him five years ago from the UK-based rescue group Wood Green, which had saved him from an abusive situation when he was just a puppy. From that point on, Kratu has more than returned the favor.

Swan, who has faced her own struggles in the past, takes great comfort in having a pup like Kratu in her life.

"He is the best assistance I could have as he always makes me laugh, too," she said. "He is a clown at home daily. How can you be down for long when you live with such a wonderful happy clown? He makes my heart smile again after the tears."