Big Fluffy Dog Fails At Agility Course Again...And It's Adorable

"He makes my heart smile" ❤

When it comes to running agility courses, this big, goofy dog named Kratu is remarkably consistent. 

Consistently bad — but yet oh so adorable.


Kratu, a rescue dog, first achieved internet stardom in 2018 after his ham-handed performance at a dog show in England went viral. The next year, true to form, the charming pup did it again — wowing audiences with his free-spirited take on the agility course.

Well, this year Kratu is back. And he's as bumbling as ever. 

Here's a hilarious video of the happy dog's most recent performance:

Kratu once again decided to bend the rigid rules of the agility course. But though he may have earned some less-than-ideal marks from the judges, in the eyes of the adoring audience, his performance was perfect.

He deserves all the love he gets.

Kratu's owner, Tessa Eagle Swan, says that this will be his last year in competition — but even in retirement, he's sure to keep on making the world a more joyful place simply by being himself. That's something Swan knows well; in addition to being a cheerful friend, he's her emotional support pup, too.

"He is the best assistance I could have as he always makes me laugh, too," Swan told The Dodo in an earlier interview. "He is a clown at home daily. How can you be down for long when you live with such a wonderful happy clown? He makes my heart smile."