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Big Fluffy Dog Adorably Interrupts TV Weather Report

"This is amazing and great. I love it."

Meteorologist Paul Dellegatto may be a pro at predicting the weather, but he wasn’t able see this furry floof cloud a-coming.

It was his adorable dog, Brody.

The other day, Dellegatto was delivering the forecast for Florida’s FOX 13 News when Brody dropped by to make a surprise guest appearance.  In the process, the dog evidently disabled the on-screen weather map, ensuring he’d be squarely in the limelight.

It’s safe to say that Brody stole the show.

Here’s video of that hilarious interruption:

Dellegatto, for his part, pressed on as best he could despite being one-upped by his dog. Still, in the end, even his colleagues seemed to feel that Brody trumped the weather report.

However, one glance at Dellegatto’s desk suggests he actually prefers pups front and center.

Sure, news of what the weather had in store may have been lost because of Brody — but his sweet interruption no doubt made everyone's day a little brighter.