Before And After Photos Show Dog Who Was Returned To Shelter 4 Times

She needs someone to bring that smile back 💞💞💞

When Sophie Gamand first sat down to take Blossom’s portrait in 2014, she expected to find a defeated shelter dog. Instead, the photographer was greeted by a huge smile.

For Gamand’s Pit Bull Flower Power portraits, a series honoring the plight of homeless pit bulls, Blossom posed in an exuberant flower crown. Gamand initially wanted the series to be moody and serious — but Blossom refused to cooperate.

Blossom the shelter pit bull wears a flower crown
Sophie Gamand

“I didn’t anticipate the series to be a joyful celebration. But some dogs, like Blossom, had other plans,” Gamand told The Dodo. “When I saw her huge smile on my screen, I knew this had to be her portrait. Her enthusiasm and cheerfulness were a testimony to pit bulls’ loving and resilient nature.”

“Little did I know that her story was going to become more and more symbolic of the way pit bulls are treated by our society,” she added.

Sophie Gamand

The next time Gamand and Blossom would meet, six years later, the once-happy pit bull was starting her fifth stay in the shelter. 

Blossom’s life has been a long list of disappointments: She was originally found as a stray roaming a shopping center on Long Island and was adopted shortly after coming into the shelter in 2013. She was quickly returned when the family’s "resident dog didn’t approve of her," Gamand said. 

In 2015, she was adopted once again and lived happily with a family and two children until a relocation to Germany forced her adopters to bring her back to the shelter. After two more adoptions and returns, Blossom was suddenly a senior dog.

Blossom the homeless pittie starts her fifth stay in the shelter
Sophie Gamand

Gamand was shocked by the change in the dog: “Blossom’s eyes had lost their spark,” Gamand said. “She was shut down, not the excited and happy dog I remember from 2014. Still very loving, but a bit broken.”

“I fear her spirit is wearing down,” she added.

Dog returned to the shelter four times
Sophie Gamand

Gamand hopes that Blossom’s new photos will help her find not just any family — but a family who will be loyal to her for the rest of her life.

Blossom was recently diagnosed with early Cushing’s disease, a condition that affects the pituitary or adrenal glands, which is easily treated with medication. She also needs a home with no other pets. 

Blossom the shelter dog looks for a home
Sophie Gamand

Blossom is now a senior lady, just looking for somewhere safe to lay her head — preferably on a comfy lap. “Blossom is a wonderful, loving dog,” Gamand said. “She is eager to please. She is outgoing, friendly, playful and loves everyone she meets.”

“No more excuses for Blossom to be dumped again,” she added. “She deserves all the love at last.”

If you are interested in adopting Blossom, you can contact the Brookhaven Animal Shelter for more information.

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