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Woman Has To Convince Her Dog Not To Join Wild Bear For A Swim

Sorry, Jim, she's right 😂

Jim the dog doesn’t actually appear in this wild video you're about to see, but we can still glean a lot about him.

Jim is clearly a friendly dog. Perhaps a bit TOO friendly.

Leelanau County Sheriff's Office

The dog and his owner were hanging out in a boat docked on Suttons Bay, Michigan, Friday morning when they spotted an unexpected visitor approaching in the water from a distance. It was a bear.

Jim's owner began to record a video of that scene, so the world could enjoy it as well. But while the footage is pretty stunning, it's nearly overshadowed by the audio.

Evidently, Jim was fixing to join the bear for a swim — and his owner was having a hard time convincing him otherwise. 

(Be sure to watch with the sound on!)

Jim was wise to listen to his owner, albeit begrudgingly. The bear wasn't looking for company, and had the dog been allowed to get close, the otherwise peaceful moment could have turned ugly.

Fortunately, that was not the case. According to the Leelanau County Sheriff's Office, which posted the video above, here's how the visit ended:

"The bear spent some time hanging around the dock and a picnic table before departing north into the woods."

Sorry, Jim.

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