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City Shuts Down Train Service To Save Dog From Tracks

He had no intention of leaving 😂

On Wednesday morning, San Francisco commuters were met with quite the surprise.

Public transit riders on their way to work experienced major system-wide train delays at the height of rush hour — all because an inquisitive pup had taken to the elevated BART tracks, zipping past trains and confused passengers.

Just after 8 a.m., the official BART Twitter account announced the doggy disruption near the Coliseum station in Oakland. No one knew how the young pit bull managed to climb onto the tracks, but it was clear that he showed no interest in coming down.

While some delayed riders were justifiably angry with the pup, many commuters posted their concerns for the dog’s safety on Twitter — along with plenty of pictures.

BART assured commuters they would catch the pup and save him from getting run over, though the former would prove to be much more difficult than they thought.

The train crew shut off power to the tracks so they could safely approach the dog, but every time the transit police got close, the dog took off.

BART even ran a rail inspection train in an attempt to herd the dog, and get trains moving again.

After nearly an hour, the exhausted pup was safely snagged by Tanzanika Carter, a BART police sergeant, and taken to Oakland Animal Services.

Without a microchip or tags, the BART puppy will soon be looking for a forever home, and anyone who recognizes the pup has been encouraged to come forward.  

Despite the disruption, commuters still agree he is a very good boy.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting the BART puppy, contact Oakland Animal Services.