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Band Hears Funny Sound Coming From Tour Bus And Can't Believe Who They Find

They traveled all the way from Tennessee to Florida like this.

As the band members and crew for the rock band Sister Hazel were traveling from Nashville, Tennessee, to Ocala, Florida, last week, they started hearing weird noises coming from somewhere on their tour bus. They decided it was probably just the air compressor acting up, and didn’t think anymore of it as they continued on their journey. 

Hours later, as the band prepared for their show at the Ocala venue, one of the crew members came in, worrying about the sound again. The band’s tour/production manager mused that it was probably just the air compressor again, but just to be safe, he went out to the bus and shut everything down — and could still hear the noise, clear as day. 

That’s when he and everyone else realized exactly what the sound was: tiny meows coming from somewhere inside the bus. 

“They tracked it down in the front battery compartment of the bus, opened it up and there were SIX kittens in there,” Ken Block, the lead singer for Sister Hazel, wrote on the band’s Facebook page

Three of the kittens were easy to reach, but the other three were a little more wedged in there and took longer to get to. Eventually, though, all six kittens were safely out of the bus, and the entire band and crew were left baffled at how this could have happened. 

After calling the owner of the bus, the band was told that there was actually a cat living on the tour bus lot who had recently given birth to kittens. She had been seen with her kittens in an abandoned bus on the lot, but must have moved them to the tour bus when no one was looking. Unfortunately, the mama cat had recently been hit by a car and didn’t make it, so her poor kittens were left all alone. 

“[She] must have moved them into our bus ... What that means is that they were under the bus that left Nashville on a Wednesday night on a nine-hour drive to Florida, sat all day, then another six-hour drive to Ocala — and were discovered in the afternoon,” Block wrote. 

The kittens survived quite an ordeal, and once they were finally found, their rescuers wanted to make sure they started receiving the love and care they deserved as soon as possible. 

Luckily, someone working at the Ocala venue also works for Melissa Bell's Rescue, who was able to take in all six kittens. They’re now safe and sound in the care of the rescue, growing stronger every day, and everyone involved with Sister Hazel is so pleased to know that their little mascot kittens are going to be OK. 

“We want to encourage fans to reach out to Melissa Bell's Rescue if they are interested in adopting the new Hazel Head kittens,” Block wrote. “And don’t forget to get your pets spayed and neutered.”