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Ariana Grande Posts Pics Of Her Doing The Sweetest Thing For Ex's Dog

He misses his dad so much 😢

When rapper Mac Miller passed away in September, he left behind his rescue dog, a pit bull mix named Myron. Miller adopted Myron from Wylder’s Holistic Pet Center and Rescue in Los Angeles in 2017, while he was still dating singer Ariana Grande. Even after the couple split, they still remained friends, and when Miller passed away, Grande began spending time with his furry best friend. 

Since September, Grande has posted many photos on her Instagram of Myron. The pair seem to have a special bond, and whether he’s hanging out with her and her other dogs … 

… or spending time with her alone, they both seem to cherish their time together. 

It’s impossible to explain to a dog that his owner has passed away and he’ll never be able to see him again, and so Grande’s visits with Myron have no doubt brought him so much comfort and joy during these tough and confusing last few months. He seems to get along well with her other dogs too, and to them, Myron is just another member of their furry family. 

Grande has always been a big animal lover and posts about her own dogs and how much she loves them, and even after she and Miller ended things, it’s clear that Myron still held a special place in her heart. 

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One of Grande’s first Instagram posts of the new year showed her out walking Myron one night, just the two of them, sharing a quiet moment and ringing in the new year together. 

“What a beautiful start to this year,” Grande wrote on the Instagram post

It’s wonderful to see that, even after losing his dad and best friend, Myron still has people who are looking out for him and will make sure he continues to get all of the love Miller would have given him.