People Are Struggling With This Weird Photo Of A Perfectly Normal Dog

It's so obvious once you see it 😂

A curious photo has been making the rounds on the internet in recent days — and it's left many people feeling stumped (at first, anyway).

The picture depicts, quite clearly, a little white animal lying down on a blanket. But what's not so obvious is exactly what kind of animal it actually is. A small horse? A pig? A goat? Guesses have varied pretty widely.

Go ahead. See for yourself.


Turns out, the animal above couldn't be more recognizable. Chances are, you're just seeing things wrong.

What, toward the bottom of the photo, appears to be a mouth is actually an ear — and vice versa.

That's right. It's a dog.

Rotating the pic makes things much clearer.


And there's that.

Sure, many pups know how to shake hands or roll over — but it's not every day a dog comes along so skillful at tricks of the eye.