Big Dog Surprised To Discover Someone Tiny Has Taken Over Her Bed

She came up with the cutest solution.

When an Alaskan malamute named Chamonix decided to snuggle up in her big dog bed for a nap recently, she seemed slightly taken aback by the fact that someone was already there. 

Alaskan malamute finds cat in her huge bed

Perhaps, if Chamonix had been any other dog, and the bed's occupant — Mr. Bojangles — had been any other cat, things would have gone very differently. 

Alaskan malamute finds cat in her huge bed

But Chamonix and Mr. Bojangles proved in the sweetest way that they are just one of many exceptions to the stereotype that cats and dogs fight like, well, cats and dogs. 

When Chamonix approached and saw that the bed was occupied, she simply squeezed into the bed however she could — even if it was a little awkward. 

Alaskan malamute shares her bed with small rescue cat

Mr. Bojangles greeted Chamonix by lifting his head in recognition before letting it rest on his paws again. 

Perhaps it's their shared history that makes the pair particularly tolerant — and even loving — of each other. 

"Mr. Bojangles was found as a stray kitten and Chamonix raised him so now he pretty much believes he’s a dog," Melissa DeVisser, their person, told The Dodo. 

Chamonix and Mr. Bojangles, along with their sister Heidi (another Alaskan malamute), do pretty much everything together. 

“They love to snuggle together on the dog beds, wrestle and go for hikes together," DeVisser said. 

Despite their differences, Mr. Bojangles, Chamonix and Heidi seem to naturally be living an important truth it takes some people a lifetime to learn — that life's pleasures are always a bit better when shared (even if you have to scoot over a little).

You can follow the adventures of Mr. Bojangles, Chamonix and Heidi on Instagram