Cat Tries To Stop Parents From Going On Trip Without Her

Airport security got a BIG surprise 😂

Nick Coole and his wife were on their way to New York on Wednesday to celebrate his 40th birthday when they got unexpectedly held up by airport security. 

They had been sure to pack light so there would be plenty of room in their suitcases to bring souvenirs back. What they didn’t realize was that one of their carry-ons was a bit heavier than they intended it to be. 

“Airport security were all very puzzled and repeatedly asked if the bag was ours after it has been through the scanner,” Coole told The Dodo. 

Security officials ushered the couple into a private room off to the side. Unsure what could be the matter and anxious to board their flight, Coole’s wife suddenly had an idea: “We were taken into a private room where my wife flagged, ‘I bet it’s a cat,’” Coole said. “‘It’s the only thing it can be.’”

Cat stows away in owner's luggage
Nick Coole

When a security officer unzipped the luggage, out popped the Cooles’ 5-year-old cat Candy — clearly not happy about being left behind.

Of the Cooles’ three cats, Candy has a special talent for squeezing into bags and boxes. And this wasn’t the first time that she had secretly hitched a ride out of town.

Cat discovered in luggage by airport security
Nick Coole

“She disappeared for two weeks once only to be found in a different town when we were away on holiday,” Coole said. “We think she got into a builder’s van. She’s very good at sneaking into small spaces.”

The staff at the airport had never seen anything like it before, but everyone stepped up to make sure Coole didn’t have to miss his special trip. Friends came and picked up the little stowaway just in time for the couple to rush to their gate before the doors closed.

“The staff were awesome and helped organize getting our Candy home so we still made our flight,” Coole said.

After the unusual travel experience, Coole published photos of the ordeal on Facebook. His post has since gone viral with 4,500 likes and over 2,000 comments as of Wednesday.

Candy the cat who tried to get on a flight
Nick Coole

Candy is now awaiting her parents' safe return from the comfort of her home, while the Cooles are happy to have a cat-free 40th birthday trip.