Giant Puppy Won't Let Go Of His New Big Brother

“I think the best is when I walk in and they are full-on spooning like humans.”

Katie Becattini really wanted to adopt a second rescue dog, but she had a big concern — her other rescue dog, Tuck, might not like sharing her with a newcomer.

“Tuck was and still is super attached to me,” Becattini told The Dodo. “Wherever I go, he comes. He sleeps with me at night. He has to be fully under the covers up against me. He knows when I am going somewhere that he cannot come and starts getting all anxious and sad.”

Couple holding dog between them
Becattini and her boyfriend holding Tuck | Katie Becattini

But in January, Becattini and her boyfriend went on a spur-of-the-moment trip to a pet expo in Oaks, Pennsylvania, where a local rescue group, Salfid Rescue, was showing 11 Great Pyrenees puppies in need of forever homes. They were instantly smitten.

“After we left, I couldn’t stop thinking about getting another,” Becattini said. “But I was scared because I did not want to make Tuck upset.”

Great Pyrenees puppy lying on back
Beau when he was first adopted | Katie Becattini

To see how Tuck would really feel, Becattini decided to take him to see the puppies at their foster home.

Becattini and her boyfriend ended up falling for one puppy in particular — the biggest, fluffiest one of the group, whom they later named Beau. When Tuck met Beau himself, he reacted in a way that Becattini didn’t expect.

Dogs cuddling together on couch
Katie Becattini

“Tuck didn't seem to care either way,” Becattini said. “Didn't love him, but also didn't mind him.”

Yet Tuck’s indifference quickly turned into something else. When Beau came home to live with the family, he immediately glued himself to Tuck.

Dogs cuddling together on the bed
Katie Becattini

“Beau was ... obsessed with Tuck,” Becattini said. “From day one, he started following him around and would cry if Tuck was not with him.”

Dogs cuddling together on ground
Katie Becattini

“My fears about getting a second dog quickly went away,” she added.

Dogs playing together in yard
Katie Becattini

Beau, who was much bigger than Tuck, even as a puppy, enjoyed curling up with his new big brother. In fact, he did this every single day.

Dogs cuddling together on bed
Katie Becattini

“There are pictures of Beau as a baby cuddling with Tuck and laying on top of him,” Becattini said. “I think the best is when I walk in and they are full-on spooning like humans.”

Dogs cuddling together on floor
Katie Becattini

Tuck has come to love Beau as much as Beau loves him, and he always tolerates Beau’s affection, even when it’s over-the-top.

Dogs cuddling together on bed
Katie Becattini

“He lets Beau sit on his head and do whatever he wants,” Becattini said. “Mind you, Beau is at least 50 pounds heavier than him.”

Katie Becattini

Becattini has loved seeing how Tuck and Beau have bonded, and her initial worries about getting Beau have all but disappeared.

Couple holding their dogs
Katie Becattini

“I just think it’s cool how two dogs who are polar opposites — in looks and personality — are so bonded,” Becattini said. “They are such sweet boys.”

To see more photos of Tuck and Beau spooning, you can follow their Instagram account.

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