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Clever Crow Figures Out How To Get Free Water -- Just Ask

Crows are known far and wide for their cleverness -- just last week, a new study surfaced showing that the birds' intelligence levels may even match (and exceed) that of human children. This charming crow is no exception -- when she spotted tourists with a full water bottle, she indicated that she'd like a sip. They nicely obliged, even providing her with a makeshift sipping cup.

For the recent study, the crows used their own wit to get water, not the kindness of humans. The birds were presented with tubes of water, and had to figure out how to raise the water enough so that they could reach the food reward floating in it. The birds succeeded with flying colors:

Giphy Another group of crows in a Japanese city figured out how to master technology for their own benefit, dropping tough nuts in front of cars to crack them -- and then reaping the reward.