Circus Worker Publicly Shamed For Beating Elephant

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It is never easy to watch cruelty.

A circus elephant was wandering near the edge of his roped off enclosure, so a circus employee came over, stood before the elephant and hit the elephant's face with a stick. The elephant began to back away from the edge of the enclosure. Then the man hit the elephant again and again.

All of this was caught on camera. The man, noticing he's being filmed, makes motions at the cameraman to stop.

Facebook/Danny Versluis

After the footage was posted to Facebook, the Berlin-based Circus Renz International fired the employee. "The man had only been with us for 14 days and has been sacked on the spot," a spokesperson for the circus told the Dutch newspaper the Telegraaf.

But that isn't the end of the story.

Facebook/Circus Renz International

The truth is there is no humane way to train an elephant to perform the unnatural acts that please crowds at circuses, so scare tactics and tools like bullhooks are the standard.

While Circus Renz International did not respond to The Dodo's request for comment about the tactics they usually use to make elephants obey orders, the sad reality is that no circus elephant is free from painful treatment.

So remember that the next time the circus comes to town. And tell your friends the circus is never fun and games for the animals.

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Posted by Danny Versluis on Saturday, June 20, 2015