Bad News For Cruel Animal Circuses

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Exotic animal circus operators should take the hint.

Yet another city has announced a ban on circuses that travel with animals - and this one is in the most populous city in Central America. Guatemala City, the capital of the Republic of Guatemala, announced a ban on traveling circuses that use animals as entertainment.

Guatemala City Mayor Alvaro Arzú took to the Municipality of Guatemala's Facebook page to make the announcement on Tuesday. A translated statement reads:

We do not tolerate the mistreatment of animals. We will not allow circuses that include animals in the city of Guatemala.

(Facebook/Municipalidad de Guatemala)

In a video also posted to Facebook, the mayor says, "[Circus animals] are subjected to a brutal mistreatment, and we don't want to participate in this type of behavior...I think most Guatemalans will understand."

See a video of the announcement here.

The policy follows a similar ban that outlawed exotic circus animals in the federal district of Mexico City last June. Last month, the entire country followed suit, enacting a nationwide ban on circuses with exotic animals.

Mexico joined the countries of Malta, Bolivia, Peru, Cyprus, Greece, Paraguay, Colombia, Slovenia and the Netherlands, all of which have banned the practice.

The U.S. is notably lagging behind when it comes to exotic animal circuses. 46 municipalities across 21 states have banned them so far, and Congressman Jim Moran introduced the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act seeking to restrict animal circuses on the federal level earlier this year. This bill was introduced in Congress in April 2014 but was not enacted.