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Chubby Raccoon Rescued From A Rather Embarrassing Predicament

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A rotund raccoon was saved from an embarrassing sort of situation this week after he got his head firmly wedged inside a knothole high up in a tree.

The raccoon had evidently been reaching for a tasty nut inside the hole when he ended up so completely corked he was unable to get out on his own. Fortunately, a few friendly humans were kind enough to free him from his pudgy predicament.

After spotting the animal futilely flailing about in a New Jersey neighborhood, a concerned local called authorities to help, the Asbury Park Press reported on Monday.

Rescuers from the Tuckerton Fire Department say they don't typically respond to calls about animals stuck in trees, but they decided to make an exception for this particularly helpless creature.

"He had been clawing at the tree for a while," assistant fire chief Lee Eggert told the Press.

Crews used a ladder to reach the raccoon, but found that he was too tightly wedged to be freed with just a tug. So, using an air chisel, they carefully expanded the hole until it was wide enough to pull his head back through.

Freed at last.

Once back on solid ground, the chubby raccoon scurried away, apparently no worse for the wear after the awkward ordeal.