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Chubby Raccoon Is Trying REALLY Hard To Open This Door

A very chubby raccoon was playing outside with his friend when he decided he'd had enough, and wanted to go inside.

He tried to convince his friend to come too, but to no avail ...

... so he decided to try and open the door himself ...


... and tried, and tried.

Whether the little raccoon was too short, or too chubby or an adorable combination of both, he just couldn't open that door on his own ... though watching him try is pretty darn adorable.


Finally, the raccoon convinced his friend that inside was best, and she picked up the chubby guy so that he could FINALLY reach the door. Friendship at its finest.


It just goes to show that a little determination, and a little help, goes a long way.

It's usually not a good idea to keep wild animals as pets. If you find an injured or abandoned wild animal, you can go here to learn what you can do to help.

Check out the full video of this adorable raccoon below: