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13 Cats Who Are Baffled By The Whole Christmas Tree Thing

1. "You got a TREE? Just for MEEE?"

(Reddit: vicious815)

2. "I don't understand. Is this a new house plant?"

3. "Surely this is some sort of wicked sorcery!"

(Reddit: vicious815)

4. "I guess this is my new home now."

(Reddit: CowboyNinjaD)

5. "... Are we supposed to eat it?"

(Reddit: squeecat)

6. "You have given me no choice but to knock this thing to the ground when you're not looking."

(Reddit: bcali8)

7. "It's like a whole forest just for me!"

(Reddit: sarahbobera)

8. "I think I love this thing."

(Reddit: mminzenmeyer)

9. "I feel like 'Alice in Wonderland'!"

)(Reddit: skulltulaa)

10. "BRB, going to find Narnia."

(Reddit: endiZ)

11. "I'm King of the Tree Branch!"

(Reddit: hazbot)

12. "... Um. A little help here?"


13. "But ... what does it MEAN?"

(Reddit: A_Wild_Herp_Derp)

Don't question the tree, cats - just nap under it.

(Reddit: Annalithe)

Be sure to brush up on holiday safety tips to ensure that your decorations aren't hazardous and that your pet doesn't ingest something that could be harmful for them!