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11 Pieces Of Christmas Advice — From Cats

<p> <a class="checked-link" href="http://www.reddit.com/r/aww/comments/2p8vq7/one_of_our_rescue_enjoys_christmas/"><em>Reddit: TheAristopaws</em></a><span></span><br></p>

1. Don't worry about hogging the presents - they're probably all for you anyway!

(Reddit: MukMu)

2. It is your job to silently judge the Christmas decorations. Don't question it.

(Reddit: TheAristopaws)

3. It's perfectly acceptable to express your displeasure over a gift. How else will they know what to get you next year?

(Reddit: fallonf)

4. That tree is always trying to steal the show, so go ahead and upstage it every now and then.

(Reddit: Hananz)

5. Feel free to make your toys appropriately festive.

(Reddit: Karmafia)

6. A wrapping paper fort is the BEST kind of fort. No dogs allowed.

(Reddit: beachesatnormandy)

7. Stealing ornaments is absolutely within your rights as a Christmas Cat, so no need to feel guilty.

(Reddit: HUGEpanda)

8. Don't feel pressured by all the holiday songs - snow isn't for everybody.

(Reddit: SonicFrost)

9. In the spirit of the season, let the dog join in on your holiday mischief.


10. Opening presents is a task that deserves your utmost enthusiasm.

(Reddit: ESEAsapphiRe)

11. At the end of it all, bust a chill in front of the fire and dream about next Christmas ...

(Reddit: LardRanger)