He Gets 'Problem' Dogs To Behave – With Surf Lessons

This former surf champion is using his skills with the board for one incredible cause.

Chris de Aboitiz, who lives in Australia, leads a life that many of us would envy.

As a dog trainer, he travels all around Australia with his four rescue dogs, helping owners connect to their dogs with behavioral problems - by teaching them to surf.

Aboitiz himself has been catching waves with his dogs - Max, Murph, Rama and Millie - for nearly 10 years now.

Most recently, he's taken to touring the east coast of the country with his lessons and best buddies in tow.

"[The dogs] love doing it," Aboitiz told 7 News Sydney.

"They love hanging out and having fun," he said of the dogs. "It's a good way to exercise your dog and it's such a simple pleasure." According to Aboitiz, training dogs to surf is relatively simple - it's teaching their owners to surf that's the hard part.

As for the secret behind getting a dog to sit on a surfboard? It's just a matter of making sure your pooch knows the basic commands like sit and stay, Aboitiz told 7 News Sydney.

He said that dogs should start out in flat waters, to get them accustomed to the environment and let them know it's safe and fun, before graduating to the big waves and even bigger tricks.

Not only does Aboitiz's form of dog therapy foster strong connections and provides discipline, it saves lives.

Since dogs with behavioral problems are often given away when an owner is unable to handle them, Aboitiz's intervention helps rescue dogs from a trip to the shelter - and possible euthanization, he told Reuters.

It's hard not to love everything about the good work this surfer is doing for dogs across Australia. Let's keep our fingers crossed for an international tour soon.

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