YES: Chris Christie Cracks Down On Puppy Mills

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Chris Christie has made his stance on puppy mills clear. The New Jersey governor signed a bill Thursday that will help inform consumers about the origins of cats and dogs in pet shops.

As of June 1, stores in the state that sell kittens and puppies will have to display breeder names and locations, as well as keep the breeders' inspection reports from the U.S. Department of Agriculture on hand.

"This new law is critical to our continued effort to end the inhumane treatment of dogs in commercial breeding facilities that exploit both the dogs and consumers in pursuit of profit," said Debora Bresch, an attorney for the ASPCA, in a press release.

This measure had unanimously passed the New Jersey legislature, and received support from Jessica Springsteen and Snooki. Animal lovers of all stripes voiced their enthusiasm on Twitter:

Christie has a mixed track record of protecting animals. He raised the ire of everyone from the Humane Society to Jon Stewart to Cher for his decision to not to ban pig gestation crates in New Jersey, but the governor may have another chance to crack down on animal cruelty should Moose's Law once again pass the New Jersey Senate and Assembly.