19 Chill Cats Who Are Sitting Like Humans

1. "WHAT are you looking at? I'm comfy like this!"

(Reddit: ivanpomedorov)

2. "Nope. Don't talk to me. I'm too relaxed."

(Reddit: arpanetgurl)

3. "This is actually more difficult than humans make it look."

(Reddit: mr_tofu)

4. "I don't sit like humans. Humans sit like me."

(Reddit: S-A-F-E-T-Ydance)

5. "Get off my lawn, ya darn pigeons!"

(Reddit: volburger1)

6. "We need to talk."

(Reddit: SomedayShambles)

7. "Um, can I HELP YOU? I'm in the middle of my self-reflection hour."

(Reddit: CenturiesChild)

8. "Why, yes, my posture IS perfect - thank you for saying so!"

(Reddit: dslave)

9. "All right, guys, that dinner isn't gonna make itself."

(Reddit: IAmGerino)

10. "Gosh. Sometimes you just have to sit back and appreciate the majesty of nature."

(Reddit: TheGrizzlyMan)

11. "What? I ALWAYS sit like this when I watch you get ready."

(Reddit: courageousrobot)

12. "Mmkay, I'm ready! You can do that food thing now."

(Reddit: Vliegtuig)

13. "Nothin'. Just thinking about cat stuff."

(Reddit: HerAndMissLisa)

14. "Oh, hello. I didn't hear you come in."

(Reddit: BryanTrexter)

15. "This is my TV-watching pose."

(Reddit: borderbox)

16. "Um, I'm pretty sure this is VERY ladylike, actually."

(Reddit: buhdana)

17. "Oh, good. We're both here. Now we can begin."

(Reddit: marriedmandrew)

18. "Sometimes you just have to sit and have cat daydreams, ya know?"

(Reddit: courageousrobot)

19. "Sorry, little bro. You'll never be this chill."

(Reddit: elcanadiano)