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Dogs Refuse To Leave The Side Of Cops Who Rescued Them

Oftentimes, those who've been protected and served are the ones most eager to return the favor.

Just ask these bighearted cops in Chile, and the rescued dogs who have insisted on joining the force.

Law enforcement personnel in the city of Quilpué are normally tasked with fighting crime, but in this case they're making amends for one that already occurred.

When someone abandoned a group of dogs in a vacant lot near the police station where they're headquartered, the officers took compassionate action. Rather than try to shoo the animals away when they lingered out front, they instead offered them food, water and a place to stay in their precinct.

For their act of kindness, the police gained five loyal new partners in return. And with that, the dogs found their calling.

From that point forward, the adopted dogs began to accompany the police as they made the rounds about town. If the officer enters a building, the dogs will even wait patiently outside - securing the perimeter, perhaps, or waiting for a pet or two from passersby.

"They are very loyal, very loyal. They never leave you," one officer told Chile National Television. "Where I am, they are. If I walk, they walk."

A few months ago, the dogs' position on the force became all but official with the addition of a reflective uniform, not unlike the ones their human partners wear on their beats.

While the dogs are relatively new to law enforcement, presumably having not undergone any formal police training, their presence in the community - and the sad story of how they nearly ended up unloved - is helping raise awareness about pet abandonment.

"I ask people to have conscience, a call to responsible ownership," police commissioner Fernando Fajardo told Soy Valparaíso. "A vacant lot is not for dumping dogs ... It is not good to abandon dogs."

Lucky for these pups, they found the right people to help them live up to their full potential.

Watch the rescued police dogs at work in this Spanish-language video from 24horas.cl.