Confused Chickens All Head To Bed During Solar Eclipse

<p> <a href="">YouTube/WebTV40</a> </p>

Folks living in parts of the Northern Hemisphere were treated to a dazzling display on Friday as the region was cast into total darkness by a total solar eclipse. The rare astronomical phenomenon had been predicted well in advance, of course, but evidently not everyone got the memo.


Time-lapse footage taken at a farm on the Faroe Islands shows the rather amusing reaction of chickens to the moon coming into alignment with the sun.


Despite the fact that it was quite clearly daytime moments earlier, the befuddled flock heads indoors as the sky darkens, settling onto their roosts as if to have their nightly sleep.


The "night," of course, turns out to be unusually brief. Still, the rooster dutifully signals the start, again, of what might be the most confusing day ever.

Watch the entire video below:

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