Chickens Actually Prefer People Who Are Hot

Sex is complicated.

So the most curious animals on earth - human beings - are determined to get to the bottom of sexual signals.


A study unearthed from back in 2004 by one of our astute editors shows that chickens share the same crushes as college students.

Perhaps that merits a little explanation. See, researchers were trying to decide between two theories about why we're attracted to this person and not that one.


The first theory is that we're attracted based on the sexual signals a potential mate is giving us.

The second theory, a little less popular, was that our attraction comes from our very own bodies telling us whom to prefer - down to our very nerves.


Researchers thought that if they could prove that even chickens gravitated toward beautiful human faces, that would be a win for the second theory: that part of our preference comes from something inherent in us that seeks the most fit partner.

And, indeed, that's what they found. The chickens preferred the same faces that a group of college students decided were hotter than other options.


Does the finding inform the research about sex and attraction? Perhaps.

Does it show that inside every seemingly normal chicken is a refined aesthetic taste?

We'd certainly like to think so.


"Ours is of course a preliminary study," the report concluded.

Read the full, surprisingly complex report here.