Woman Finds Chicken Riding Around Her House On A Roomba

When it comes to keeping things neat and tidy, it's always nice to have a helping hen.

Catherine Bremner, a hobby farmer from Australia, was in the middle of doing some chores around the house last week when, much to her surprise, she discovered one of her family's four chickens had snuck inside to offer some assistance.

"I was in the laundry when I heard the robo vacuum going, which I thought was odd as I was home alone," Bremner told The Dodo. Naturally, she went to investigate - only to find a hen had triggered the device and was in the middle of riding it through the living room.

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Fortunately, Bremner was able to maintain her composure long enough to capture a video of the chicken's comical little joyride.

"I laughed and grabbed my phone to tape it as I've never seen it before and I was certain no one would believe me!" she said. "She happily cruised around my house for a round five minutes before she hopped off."