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Chickens See Rabbits Fighting And Know What They Have To Do

A couple of roughhousing rabbits caught on video learned the hard way that they shouldn't disrupt the peace.

A video posted to Facebook recently, but actually a classic clip from 2006, shows the drama in action.

YouTube/Elizabeth Skinner

The two rabbits are shown tumbling carelessly around the yard, when suddenly law and order is swiftly restored by two fluttering white chickens swooping in from the right, like two cops patrolling their beat.

Chickens are actually very smart and sensitive to what's going on around them. They've even been shown to outperform dogs and cats in intelligence tests. And scientists have observed that chickens are socially complex, "forming well-ordered communities and learning from one another in sophisticated ways," according to research compiled by Farm Sanctuary.

No wonder they wouldn't stand for those delinquent rabbits.

YouTube/Elizabeth Skinner

"[A]nd that my friend is the pecking order," one commenter rightly quipped.

YouTube/Elizabeth Skinner