Chefs See Scared Kangaroo In Freezing Ocean And Dive Right In

"I think he was happy to have the human help."

What should have been a quick dip for one kangaroo escalated into a situation that left him in serious need of a lifeline.

On Saturday, the kangaroo was spotted hopping along the beach area of Port Elliot in South Australia. The kangaroo then decided to dive right into the freezing ocean, spending of total of 30 minutes swimming until he found himself stranded near a rocky area and unable to make it back to shore on his own, according to local news outlet The Advertiser.

Facebook/Garry Benson

Luckily for the kangaroo, not one but two heroes were ready to plunge into the sea just to get him out. Jeff Della-Mina and Dan Marshall, two chefs at The Flying Fish, caught wind of the kangaroo's plight and didn't hesitate to put their own lives at risk - chef clothes on and all - to help the distressed animal.

Facebook/Garry Benson

For 20 minutes, the two chefs spent time trying to coax the anxious animal back to shore, eventually placing a rope around the kangaroo's neck and using that to successfully guide him along once he had grown too tired to struggle against his rescuers.

Facebook/Flying Fish Cafe, Port Elliot

Once on dry land, the kangaroo coughed up water, warmed up on a stretcher with blankets and was examined by an animal rescue expert. Thankfully, the kangaroo didn't suffer any lasting damage and was sent hopping away shortly after his rescue.

Facebook/Garry Benson

"When we got to him he was pretty knackered and he was struggling," Della-Mina told The Advertiser. "I think he was happy to have the human help."

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