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Starving Dog Who Barked For Help Is Freed From His Chains

Hungry, wounded and tethered to a cinder block, Goldie had little hope of escaping his private hell by himself, so the neglected Golden Retriever did what anyone else would: He called for help.

Neighbors say they ignored the dog's cries at first, but after checking on Goldie and seeing his visible ribs and festering wounds, they realized he was asking to be saved.

"I heard him barking and raising everything and hell," one man told Kansas City's KCTV in July. "What in the hell are [his owners] doing if they can't take care of it?"

Unfortunately, Goldie would have to wait four long months for his freedom. After a veterinarian failed to find signs of abuse or neglect during animal control's initial investigation, Goldie was returned to his owner.

This week, however, Goldie was finally removed from the home - hopefully for good.

During subsequent independent check-ups, animal shelter operator Kate Quigley says she repeatedly found the dog chained to a cinder block without access to food or clean water. After reporting her findings, animal control finally removed the dog and Quigley took him in.

"He's not going back to that house," Quigley, who runs the nonprofit organization Chain of Hope, told KCTV. "He's out of there forever. He's up for adoption."

Along with his new life, Goldie reportedly has been given a new name: Preston.

"He is going to have so much fun when he can run and play," said Quigley.

To help dogs like Preston, visit Chain of Hope online.