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Chai and Bamboo leave for Oklahoma Zoo

After many years of court battles between Friends of Woodland Park Zoo elephants and Woodland Park zoo officials, the two Asian Elephants, Chai and Bamboo leave Seattle for Oklahoma zoo...

The Friends of Woodland Park Zoo (FWPZ) wanted the Seattle Elephants retired to a sanctuary in Tennessee where the climate would have been more favorable to these aging Elephants that already have arthritis and other ailments.

Oklahoma Zoos climate is much colder in the winter months and hotter in the summer compared to Seattle...

Over 80 days per year, the Elephants will be locked in a barn for many hours each day because of the excessive cold.

There is a 2500 seat Amphitheater just 600 feet away from the elephant exhibit that will be housing many loud concerts each summer.

Deborah Jenson CEO WPZ says "Where these elephants come from in east Asia, they are used to a more extreme climate than Oklahoma..

Chai and Bamboo have been acclimatized in Seattle for over 40 years..

Woodland Park Zoo (WPZ) says the 2500 mile, 40 plus hour trip to Oklahoma will be accompanied by veterinarians,