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15 Cats Who Have Serious Morning-Face Right Now

1. "Ugh. Morning already??"

2. " ... Is it Saturday yet?"

3. "Why. WHY are you talking so loud."

4. "Nope. Not ready to deal with morning yet."



6. "Would you MIND turning off that LIGHT??"

7. "I, uh ... I could use a few more hours."

8. "Noooo, but sleeping is so much better than everything else!"

9. "Tell me 'Good Morning.' I DARE you."

10. "Whuh? Where am I? What year is it?"

11. "I was in the MIDDLE of a lovely LASER-POINTER DREAM."

12. "Nooo, I didn't even get my full 16 hours yet!"

13. "How dare you act all chipper in the mornings."

14. "Don't you talk to me until I've had my coffee."

15. "Forget this, I'm GOING BACK TO BED."

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