Cats Who JUST Want To Sit On Your Clean Clothes

Would you like your laundry with a side of fur?

"We're just keeping them warm for you."

Reddit: ahorribleidea

"This clean shirt is way comfier than the rest of the bed!"

Reddit: iceeiceekatiee

"I just feel more secure when I'm sitting on your pants."

Reddit: TTUGoldFOX

"A true royal DESERVES a tower of clothing."

Reddit: Physion

"Thanks for making me this comfy bed, Human!"

Reddit: knitmesomecats

"Oh, were you planning on going out in this outfit?"

Reddit: missprefixsuffixjr

"If you pile a bunch of soft things on the bed, I'm going to sit on them."

Reddit: ajax-green

"I'm CLEARLY folding these for you."

Reddit: newsblues

"It's just NO FUN when I can't cover your clothes in my fur."


"Yep, this spot is clearly meant for me."


"I'm enjoying the springtime-fresh fragrance - leave me alone!"


"Thanks for leaving this on the floor for me!"


" ... But I blend so perfectly!"


"I mean, you can't deny that I look REALLY GOOD sitting on this pile of clean laundry."


"Did you use UNSCENTED detergent, you rube??"


" ... These are mine now."


"Ah. There's nothing better than wearing clean clothes - especially when they're yours, Human."

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